Hi! My name is April. I'm just a girl with a huge creative heart for fashion design, located in Southern California. I first learned how to sew in high school and because I wanted to wear new clothes all the time but had no money, I ended up repurposing what I had at home. My other hobbies were filming and editing home videos and naturally my two passions became one on YouTube.

After high school I went on to pursue fashion design at Palomar Community College and received my associates degree. Throughout my time there I was stressing over sewing deadlines in school but I was also building up my wonderful sewing community on YouTube which now has over 1.9 million subscribers. I think what made my videos relatable and easy to understand was the fact that I was still a student, learning and practicing. Everyday I still get to learn new things from people all over the world who comment on my videos and I'm so happy my channel can be a place where we can appreciate fashion design and sewing together.

I hope my page inspires you to get creative and learn how to sew! Remember to always have fun and make things you LOVE because the beauty in DIY is that you're designing it for yourself!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! :)