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You created something and don't like how it turned out. Now what?

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

"Hi I have a question! First of all I’m a huge fan of yours :) I used to sew when I was younger but I never owned my own sewing machine. I bought a used one over the summer so I could get back into it. I made a peacoat and I’m almost done with it. I’ve dubbed it “the coat of learning experiences” because I’ve screwed it up so many times. So I’m almost done, I’ve invested a lot of time and money.....and I kind of don’t like how it looks on me. Has this ever happened to you? What do you do??" - @jennakramer10

Hi Jenna! Thank you for this question. I feel like it's something every creator goes through so you're not alone. First of all, props to you for attempting to make a coat! I also made a "coat of learning experiences" earlier this year so I know how challenging it can be. Your situation is one that I've dealt with and will continue dealing with for the rest of my career so I hope my tips can help you through a "failed" project.

1. Know that your time was not wasted. Every time we fail at something, we actually just gain more experience and will have a better idea of what to do/not to do next time. Even if sewing is something you do as a hobby and not your career, it's important to invest money into the things we enjoy. I know that probably doesn't help you feel better about losing money but try to see the bright side :)

2. Set aside that project and take a break from it for however long you need. I just finished a dress transformation that didn't turn out as nice as I imagined so I stopped working on it, threw it into my never finished/fail pile, and now I'm just gonna wait until I feel like seam ripping it and starting over (which could be months or even years LOL). So technically I'm not wasting my money because I know i'll probably work on it again in the future.

3. If I did screw up past the point of no return, I can always recycle what I made into a smaller size for my little cousins!

4. SEAM RIP & START OVER. The worst part about not liking what I made is knowing that I'll have to undo/seam rip all my hard work. It sucks but its necessary when you don't like how something fits. You'll be able to make better alterations to the design and start fresh. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting over the fact that we have to undo everything, but once you've taken the garment apart you can start over and find a better way!

5. Don't be afraid of drifting away from your original design you imagined in your head/sketched out on paper. None of my creations ever turn out the way I initially plan it but the best part is that the changes I make end up turning my basic design into something one of a kind! Whether you need to purchase more fabric and create a random seam somewhere, or color block your coat with a different material, there is always a way to fix or reuse your creation.

I hope these tips make you feel a little better and knowing that you are not alone! For future projects I recommend creating a sample out of muslin before cutting the actual fabric. I might not show it in my videos but i'm always testing designs out on scrap fabric first so I know what I'm doing and don't waste any fabric. It seems like a hassle, but it'll save you from many headaches in the long run.

Thank you Jenna for the question. I hope it can help you out and many others going through the same issue. If you have more tips or want to share what you do in this situation, comment below and share with the rest of us :)

Love, April


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