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Useful Organization Ideas For Your Sewing Space

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Video Link: Useful Organization Ideas For Your Sewing Space

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Hanging Door Rack

Our goal for this room was to get everything elevated and off the floors, so this metal hanging door rack allows me to display all of my sewing books instead of having them cramped up in my drawers and to store any other small items.

Check out the Metal Hanging Door Rack if you're interested in purchasing one

Tread Spool Rack

I LOVE having all my thread on spool racks and organizing them. They are easily accessible, and whenever I need to change the color of the thread they're simply within reach.

Self Adhesive Drawers

The most useful thing I discovered for my sewing table, are these little drawers that you just peel and stick under your table. I highly recommend everyone add these to your sewing tables if you don’t already have drawers because it’s so convenient to have everything you need while sewing. In one drawer I have my marker, clipper, seam rippers and ruler. In the next drawer I have my sewing needles, screwdriver, and tweezers, and in the next little drawer I only have my neon sign remote for now.

Check out the Spool Rack or Self Adhesive Drawers if you're interested in purchasing one.

Iron Wall Mount & Wool Mat

To save even more space, I got rid of my ironing board and will just be using a wool mat on this table now. Which is a double win because I can easily get overhead footage of my pressing now. And since I’ll be ironing here, I thought it’d be nice to have my iron nearby on the wall. This iron holder also has hooks to hang an ironing board, but since I don’t have one I can use it to hang other things as well.

Check out the Wall Iron Mount and Wool Mat if you're interested in purchasing one.

Command Hooks and Pattern Hooks

Over here on this wall we put up a command hook to hang my embroidery hoops, and I’m using pattern hooks to hang multiple hoops and sizes. You can even use these pattern hooks to hang the hoops in your closet if you want but I like mine on display.

Check out the Pattern Hooks if you're interested in purchasing one.

Cutting Mat Organization Board

Down here, I wanted something to hold up my cutting boards and ironing mat so Erik created organization board for me using dowels, and a piece of wood for the base.

Craft Organizer

Next is my craft organizer from the Container Store that I’m still in love with and its where I keep all my tools and sewing notions and basically just get to display everything I use. If you watched my last sewing room makeover, I learned that my style of organization is a butterfly, which means I love having everything I use out in the open and on display. Can you tell?

Metal Racks For Your Closet

Lastly, the closet, I have my pattern paper in there and since I do own multiple sewing machines and sergers. We put a 4 tier metal shelf in the closet to store them nicely. And I have my other craft supplies in clear tubs in the closet as well. Clear tubs are a must for me or else I’ll forget what I have!

Check out the Metal Racks if you're interested in purchasing one.

Pants Hanger for Hanging Fabric

On the other side of the closet, I have my fabric hung on pants hangers which saves so much space.

Check out the Pant Hangers if you're interested in purchasing one.

That completes some of my useful organization tips for my sewing space. Everything I mentioned is linked above so please check it out, and let me know if you have any more organization or space saving tips for me. Thank you so much for reading, and I hope this helps you organize your space.

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