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Homemade Face Masks Tutorials

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Hello! I thought i'd hop on and create an entire blog post sharing links to face masks tutorials and patterns that others have posted. You can also follow me on Instagram @coolirpa where I created a story highlight on everything you need to know about making face masks and share more resources.

Disclaimer: Face masks will not protect you completely from contracting the virus. Some even say it's worse to wear because if not used properly and washed daily, then it will only spread more germs. However, because of the shortage of PPE (personal protective equipment) many hospitals are calling out to sewers to make face masks and donate them because even fabric masks are better than nothing at this moment.

First off let's talk FABRIC:

-Tightly woven 100% cotton fabric is the recommended choice. I also received messages about people using vacuum bags to create masks because they are the closest to a surgical mask.

-My followers shared that some doctors and nurses prefer the masks with straps to tie around their heads VS the elastic ones that loop over your ears because of comfort and hygiene. They also shared that elastic doesn't hold up well for daily washing/boiling. Just something to keep in mind!

-If you're using a very light-weight cotton, you should double up on all the layers for better protection.

Here is a little chart sharing the efficiency of some fabric. I'm not sure if it pertains to Covid-19 but still interesting to see:

(I found this image from @sewstine on her Instagram Story)


The first tutorial I saw is from They have a face mask tutorial that includes the strap ties and even have a free pattern for you to print out along with a video tutorial. For the pattern, instructions, and video from their website, click here:

Here is the one I made following his tutorial:

I made this mask a little too big on me but at least the ties allow you to adjust the tightness. There was a pattern you can print out but I just used a pattern I created on my own from MASK #3 tutorial. Most of these masks follow the same concepts and construction.

MASK #2:

The next tutorial is a lot more simple (not saying that any of these masks are difficult to make at all! They're all beginner friendly). It does't require a pattern, just cut out 2 rectangles that are 6x9 inches and use some elastic for the ear loops. Here is the tutorial on how to construct it:

The original pattern is from:

(They have adult and kid size measurements!)

This mask was SUPER fast to make compared to the others but you should consider adding a wire inside for the nose! I demonstrated how to do so on my instagram. Visit: and click on the circle bubble that says "Face masks". Here is the one I made:

MASK #3:

For those that can't print out a pattern to use and want to draft MASK #1, I followed this tutorial on youtube where they drafted their own pattern on a piece of paper:

They also teach you how to add a separate backing to add/replace filters! It's an additional step but again, not difficult at all!

I tweaked their tutorial by adding strap ties instead of elastic ear loops. Here is a photo of the one I made:

MASK #4:

I found this mask tutorial by @thepoorwillway on instagram, thanks to a follower! It also has an opening at the bottom to slide in a filter and I like it because the way it's constructed. You don't have to sandwich your elastic/ties inside but instead you hem the sides of the mask with enough seam allowance to slide your straps/elastic through:

There are patterns available to print for this mask on their website!

Here is the mask I made using this tutorial. I just drafted my own pattern for it instead of printing it out:

This photo shows the opening at the bottom for a filter:

DONATIONS: Please reach out to your local hospitals, nursing homes, and cancer organizations to see if they need masks first!

AS ALWAYS, PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and make sure you're getting the most updated information from the CDC.

I hope this can help you help others and yourself! Stay safe, stay home, and be kind to one another during this time. AND if you're using a fabric face mask, make sure to wash/boil it daily.



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