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Making Brie Larson's Red Carpet Dress!

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Hello! This week I recreated Brie Larson's Celine dress by Hedi Slimane that she wore on The Oscars red carpet! Surprisingly, it wasn't the most difficult thing I've ever made :D

Here's some additional info I didn't include in the video:

How long did it take me to make? I went to the LA fabric district on a Monday. Started draping Monday night, and finished on Thursday! So about 4 days. I was very proud of myself for finishing it in that time.

How much did all the fabric cost? I purchased 5 yards of the sequin fabric for $15 a yard, and 5 yards of the spandex for $8 a yard. I tried my best to bargain but it didn't work out so in total I spent $125 on fabric including tax. It is not cheap! But then again, maybe you'll find a better deal and save more money than me.

What stitch setting did I use? Since both materials I had were stretchy I sewed with a stretch stitch. A stretch stitch looks like a very narrow, diagonal, zigzag stitch. If your machine doesn't have it, I would sew with a tight zigzag stitch. For understitch, I just increased my stitch length and sewed with a straight stitch.

What needle should I use? When sewing on stretch fabric, spandex, knits, it's best to use a ballpoint needle so it doesn't tear your fabric or break the elasticity. Especially if you make a mistake and have to seam rip, the fabric will still look pretty and not have holes in it.

What additional material did I have to buy? I purchased an invisible zipper and matching color thread.

Hope this answers any questions you had! Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog :)



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